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October 23, 2018, 07:27:36 am
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JFK duped by USSR - Fake Cuban Missle Crisis

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Author Topic: JFK duped by USSR - Fake Cuban Missle Crisis  (Read 65 times)
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« on: February 13, 2011, 04:43:36 am »

Theory: JFK duped (set up) by USSR - Fake Cuban Missle Crisis

With the U-2 Spy flight downed in May, 1960 (Gary Powers, US pilot) it is obvious the USSR was fully aware of its capability having caputured it and the pilot.

We move to the Cuban Missle Crisis being the set up for a complete mass hysteria propaganda campaign including the assassination of JFK, RFK, MLK, and the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia coupled with at least 25 percent of USA conventional forces cornered on the ground in Viet Nam. As LBJ said - 'We are asking America for an additional 500,000 of her boys for Viet Nam' (almost verbatum). [coventional forces for USA are at 2 million troops].

The American youth in 1968 as well known was half crazy along with the "police riot" at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago after Bobby hit the ground. We felt it was an insult to our intelligence and the most pathetic thing you can imagine using Robert F. Kennedy slain as the trip wire to "run down and volunteer for Viet Nam immediately so we can go get those commie bastards". The Martin L. King slaying just previous in a matter of about 2 months was too, and very, personal cutting to the heart over civil rights for all Americans being slain that way for nothing and everthing to loose in the person himself.

The Czech invasion was like a stress point in that they were like teasing American youth like "hey you dummies, we have your daddies shipping you poor cannon fodder dummies to little Viet nam on other side of world while we invade other side and you will never get back together fast enough to defend you if we invade..." along those lines was the head game going on.

1968 was one of the craziest years obviously, but the American Dream, at least in the youth, revitalized the following year in 1969 with Woodstock and coupled with the Moon Shot but then immediately scarred with the Ted Kennedy car accident and passenger death. As soon as that hit the press, it was like "God no - the bastards have just framed the last Kennedy". 

So as a matter of reference ..... [pasted report on brief]
Lee Harvey Oswald as a Marine radar specialist in Japan and California, Oswald had access to extensive classified information regarding radars, flight patterns, and in particular the new US height-finding radar that would have been of exceptional interest to the KGB in regard to the U-2 spy flights. Oswald told US Embassy officials in Moscow that he intended to reveal sensitive information to the Soviets. Gary Powers, pilot of the U-2 flight downed in May, 1960, suggested that Oswald might have betrayed to the Soviets information that they used to shoot down the U-2. This seems very believable, and it would mean that Oswald had proved himself a loyal communist and one who had provided precious information to the USSR - so the KGB would have trusted him.

With U-2 info already gained by the USSR it seems too obvious that the missles in Cuba were in plain enough site to be that EASILY discovered. By way of the U-2 Spyplane capture previously in other words how was it possible the USSR did not know the Cuban Missles would be that easily viewed by America ? It was almost as intentional to get President Kennedy's attention and response and I really fail to see why he missed this. Possibly it was discussed as "are they drawing us into the nuke war right now for take over of America by any response we make". Presumably at some point the US was posed for all out World War III resulting from any retaliation to strikes or successfully defending initial nuke attacks.

So always remember PROPAGANDA as part of the communist campaign and part of that as creating fears within to help the cause of take over or advance the cause. They create paranoa within the target. Have them against each other already with disinformation campaigns on any level. Simply part of the Cold War.

So the PLOT unfolds. Fake the Cuban Missle Crisis - the USSR knowing/guessing JFK's response already including probably the offer to remove from Turkey (US missle bases). This allows America to enjoy their great "White Horse" now in President Kennedy and feel that proud and strong as telling off those commies about "Who's the man" attitudes. Even reflected in the one famous dinner party by the introduction "Here is President Jack Kennedy and the author of a funny thing happened to me on the way to Cuba .....laughs" (not verbatum). This is the set up also of the over confident American Public now - also would then be heightening the upcoming horrific assassination in broad daylight and at such the violence of it, and on film and beginning with release as well of the color pictures in Life Magazine of the head shot.... as America was still on black and white television during the assassination and national funeral. The Life pictures almost immedaitely clinching there was a second shooter from the front ran rampant and creating more mass hysteria within that their own American Government was involved in conspiracy and cover up. This propaganda lends credence that like "uh-oh, we are already having many of your people as our servants in the take over. I will watch your step americans if you think of resisting. We will like to think we will take you without firing a shot but you see what happens. "

The rest plays out that the "war pigs" are, and have taken over, to simply use the Viet Nam War as nothing more than a completely profitable enterprise for as long as it lasts and as best they can extend it with bullcrap excuses and reasons - BUT after having scared american business into it to play ball or else.

You will have to understand the american companies that actually supplied loans to North Viet Nam for the war. There were military arms being sold to them from america. The youth were at 'this is treason according to the constitution as aiding the enemy'. I remember a friend, vet, saying we are blowing up Northern Viet Nam army trucks and on the bottom they say made in detroit. The 60's was a most horrible time obviously with the country pulled apart at the seams. The JFK assassination began the whole snow ball to avalanch rolling.
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