JFK 50 Year Jubilee Hearings
October 23, 2018, 04:19:12 pm
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Who is the Forum Administrator

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Author Topic: Who is the Forum Administrator  (Read 72 times)

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« on: February 18, 2011, 12:43:44 pm »

Who is the Form Administrator ? 

To answer the question firstly, you now know I am not some school age person writing a research paper for school homework.

Our immediate family is related to the Alessandroni's of Pennsylvania including the Attorney General of Pennsylvania under Gov. Scranton circa early-mid 1960's, and of authoring help of the "Miranda Rights" national legislation. Pennsylvania Atty. Gen. Alessandroni perished in a plane crash in the Allegheny Mountains in bad fog, I believe it was, tragically. Living in Philadelphia, he was laid to rest not far from me and I was there as a child and never forgot the PA Gov. Scranton just feet away from me. There were many, many respected friends attending. We still have the photographs of the funeral - in and out.

Post JFK politics has played a part in my life, and to begin, in the 1980's I actually came across an article that somehow wildly was pointing fingers at Barry Goldwater if you can believe that, concerning the Atty. General's death as not an accident. Garbage. They are Walt and Eugene. The other was either a local Federal Judge, but I always remember talk in my family growing up that he was a First Circuit Court Of Appeals Justice - which hears appeals to reach the US Supreme Court.

We are related to a Ward commitee man and helped in the 1972 Democratic Presidential Campaign locally. Lost to Mr. Landslide - "Tricky D i c k " Nixon - or as the youth and others nicknamed him King Richard during the Viet Nam Conflict years, and kind of half affectionately actually. Kind of a tease mocking name that caught on. I know what it is like to "sell a President" door to door. It was a great experience and always a filled back seat of a car with all the pamphleteerings. Wonderful experience regardless of views just to be apart of the American Experience.

Online now, being cold-c o c k ed by this wonderful invention called PC, I actually began my experience on WebTV. Fantastic. Expanded to my first desktop. Computing security (all the antivirus, etc) just became a niche with me. The more I learned the more I became engrossed. Made my mark actually with discovery in the antispyware industry finally opening a personal community help site called the BlueCollarPC.Net from 2005-2009 (changed to .org then now .us) . The BlueCollarPC.Net enjoyed helping just over 6,000,000 Visitors/Users. In moving to the .org and finally .us domain alternatives - I finally got to the point of IT Security Home/Small Business. I have trimmed down much activity there, but tried to share as best I could and added completing some Amatuer Forensics (Computers) in anatomy of a botnet payload attack - several suffered actually, all restored pristine in a matter of hours. Saved one for record here  https://sites.google.com/site/pcsecurityhelper/resume

I am an aggressive person and do not ask for respect. I attempt earning it. The 1960's were very academic years. I was 16 at the Moon Shot and the following year earned my Data Processor Certificate in Computers - the big old dinosaurs with IBM Cards - working with Data Processors, computer tape, etc. on a big old air conditioned room size Sperry Rand / Univac 9200/9300 Series w/COBOL. Later earned a nominal accounting degree. Once you work with data, it is easy to transpose talent to other, and is what I am doing here, Analytical thinking is obviously called on for solving the "Mystery Of History - the JFK assassination". I am totally amatuer as a non-researcher, but would really like the Warren Commisson Report to be re-published in a new revised intelligent "smart" version. That leaves nothing "buried in pages" and ends the wild goose chase.

We will see how this goes. I will quit at the 50 year mark if no Public Trial has been opened. That means it is time for the 50 Year Jubilee and I believe we as Americans will simply have to cut it loose and actually just issue a general pardon to all involved to gain closure. I mean as a nation, why continue the insanity to generation after generation after generation until the newer generations ask us politely to just shut up. If there is not the same concern and action as was demonstrated in the Civil Rights Movement and the Anti-War Movement of the Viet Nam Conflict - I am going to be the first to throw in the towel and my prayers will go to "Abundant Pardon". This is promised from God, and of course there has to be the level of, here suspected, crime and murder that has surrounded President John F. Kennedy like the dark ominous cloud of quiet horror since the fatal shot occurred and ever since. In other words, if God has promised abundant pardon - then abundant transgression has occurred.

I personally feel it is time to crap or get off the pot. If America genuinely wants this solved, believe it, it will get solved. A simple right to peaceably assemble for Petition For Redress of Grievances is one of the most gracious gifts of the Founding Fathers of the Nation and a simple tool here that introduces compliance to our Government quite in the friendly manner obviously. I am hanging out one more time since it is the JFK 50. This re-interest of the aniversary mark could spark a national movement one last time - winner take all. Closure man finally.

Just because others (Warren Commission members, etc) may have gotten some things wrong for whatever reasons, does not mean we can not make it right. The Instruments of the Law include Abstentia and Posthumous Award as relative for Foundation in any legal manner of opening the case to Public Trial, and particularly for those perished. The evidence is there, physical and testimony, whether alive or dead. It has just never been adjudicated appropriately obviously.


Best of luck to us all ! Peace.
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