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Title: Josiah Thompson
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Josiah Thompson

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Josiah "Tink" Thompson is an American writer, professional private investigator, and former philosophy professor. He wrote Six Seconds in Dallas ; A Micro-Study of the Kennedy Assassination (ISBN 0394445716).[1] He also wrote a biography of the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (ISBN 057501718X) (ISBN 0394470923) in 1974, and a well-received book about his own, post-academic life as a private detective, Gumshoe: Reflections in a Private Eye (ISBN 0316841757) in 1988.

Thompson is originally from East Liverpool, Ohio. Thompson has participated with Errol Morris in films about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Thompson graduated from Yale University in 1957, gaining an M.A. in 1962 and Ph.D. in 1964. After studies in Denmark, Thompson returned to teach at Haverford College, where he remained until 1976, resigning to commence his career as a private detective. In 1967 he published The Lonely Labyrinth (ASIN B0006BQ5G6), a study of Kierkegaard's thought, and in 1972, Kierkegaard: A Collection of Critical Essays (ISBN 0385019785).