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Title: American Artificial Sugar Companies had JFK assassinated!
Post by: JFK50YearJubilee on November 09, 2013, 10:01:37 pm
FAKED: Of course working on my last theory that it was the artificial sugar companies of America that had JFK assassinated with some shareholders in the USSR. These paid to have the Cuban Invasion botched to preserve communist control of the sugar plantations, not American, and then had JFK shot and blame it on Cuba so all of America would boycott Cuban sugar and they would get rich by them choosing their artificial sugar products.

It almost worked until the explosion of sugar coated cereals rotting the children's teeth all across America which was the counter corporate campaign to begin the eugenics process of identifying undesirables in America and either genetically purify them or eliminate them as hazardous to the nation or perform DNA purification for the pardoned volunteers that would prevent genetic reproduction of their faulty elements in reproduction. It had been discovered they offered that most all criminals had a sugar tooth and salted junk food addiction.
These paid the American Dentist Association off to stop circulation of the dangers of too much sugar in the diet. Of course they expanded to salts and transfats technologies in today's products of sour-sweet syndromes after years and years of the underpaid screaming "entrapment, entrapment". WAIT I have to get more Alphabet soup to see what it will say for the next conspiracy theory.

HERE is my proof ON FILM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMHHWfSe4TE

sorry had to add that as a LOL with the 800 to 8000 suspects now.  ;D