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Title: Where were you Nov 22 1963
Post by: JFK-50-Year-Jubilee on February 13, 2011, 02:18:14 am
Hello all....

I was 10 years old that day, November 22 1963. By any coincidence, I was home from school with a cold or flu and feeling somewhat better jumping around a bit on the bed. We had one of those antique big old wooden cabinet AM / Shortwave radios and was on at low volume.

I heard the broadcast announcement and just remember suddenly hearing the words in a most somber voice, "The president has been shot .... died". Right after, my mother came in and looked at me and said "gerry, the president has been shot". And I replied, "I know", almost as if trying to be reassuring somehow realizing all adults were shocked.

As all adults at the time she had that quiet horror of disbelief look. It is all I remember from that day - never knowing until I was approaching adulthood about the complexity of the event beyond somehow realizing the great feeling of a great darkness had just occurred.